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Member PictureMelisa

Your Passion

I have discovered my photographer within, and went overseas with a new 35mm camera to shoot photos in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. I will pursue this passion for photography for years to come.

Your Story

I had to call Westerra from the Middle East to get a new password. I felt that the security of my identity and information was well managed. At the same time, Westerra made it easy for me to regain access to my account. This was a stressful situation, being that my Westerra account is my primary banking account and I was depending on using a computer overseas to manage it. Westerra's help with regaining my online access turned what could have been a super stressful situation into something that was no problem.

How Westerra Works for You

Even though I moved to Boulder, I maintain my Westerra account because I have been so consistently pleased with the excellent customer service I've received over the years. The online banking is user friendly.