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Your Passion

We do not Tweet or do Facebook, but what we do first, last, and always is go to our Westerra Credit Union for assistance, whenever we have a financial need. We have been members of Denver Public Schools Credit Union since 1969 when the only office was located on high street.  Our first major need was the loan we acquired for our first and only residential home that we still reside in all these years later.

Your Story

Our Denver Public Schools And Westerra Credit Union has helped us purchase:

  • Over 10 automobiles
  • 6 boats
  • 5 motor homes
  • 6 rental properties
  • A myriad of property upgrades
  • Several refinances when the time was just right and they offered the lowest rates of all other institutions of merit
  • Assisted in the financial aid to upgrade our educational levels and our only daughter’s college degree
  • So many vacations I cannot count
  • Assisted us to help family members when they needed financial support
  • Provided us with non-penalty support when we paid debts off early
  • Provided PITI for all of our mortgages to insure protection for theirs and our interest at all time
  • Afforded us lines of credit for unbelievable amounts to let us know they believe in us and our willingness to pay back any debts... even those we need in cases of emergencies

How Westerra Works for You

We have watched employees come and depart from their positions at the credit union... but never, ever, have we encountered a single person that was rude or unprofessional in all of our years with our wonderful financial institution. 

Last, but not least we are still the very best of friends with the very first person we met, personally, after we joined the credit union and started our negotiations for our very first loan in 1970... our friend Henry. HE IS STILL THE SWEETEST, KINDEST, MOST PROFESSIONAL PERSON THAT ONE WOULD EVER WANT TO MEET.

We will always be grateful to our credit union for everything that they have done to support us with financial advisement or monetary support.

THANK YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!