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I have been a member of Safeway CU for 48 years, retiring as President 14 years ago. I am not your stereotypical old retired guy who has all his money in insured deposits out of fear. My mind is still as sharp as a chain saw on steroids and there is nothing much that scares me. I have seen every con artist, flim-flam man, petty and not so petty crook that has come down the pike. I simply did not want to deal with these people in my old age, separate the chaff from the wheat so to speak. I didn't want a second job protecting my own money. To protect myself from the barracudas (Bernie Madoffs) of the world, I parked a goodly chunk of my IRA retirement money in the credit union. Yeah! I know the financial gurus can get me higher yields on my money, but can they get me higher safety? Can they get me higher peace of mind on a trout stream where a cell phone doesn't even work? Now, the only thing I have to worry about is getting too close to the teeth of the trout I catch. For all you future retirees that want to fish in peace, call your credit union today and get your retirement ball rolling. I'll even extend the same invitation to golfers, but whoever heard of barbecuing a golf ball? Are you paying attention, Alan Peppers?