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Your Passion

My passion is encouraging people of all ages that an education is attainable. At the age of 52 I just earned my B.A.S in Technology Development and Mgmt. As a single mom for the last 15 years my most important goal was to provide a college education for my 2 daughters. Creatively, and thanks to being laid off from construction, I took a job in administration at a local community college so that my daughters would get a break in tuition. This move also provided me with tuition at another college for myself and I finished my AA from 1983! Learning about grants, scholarships and navigating the college world made me a go to person for my daughters' friends. Many nights were spent helping fill out FASFA and scholarships. The programs are there to provide, you just have to persist!

Your Story

My story ties directly to my Grandma Anne Real who was the first female grocery clerk for Safeway. She became a member when it was first available as the Safeway Credit Union, now Westerra! She signed me up for an account when I was born 53 years ago. She did the same for my brothers, my sister and cousin. Each week she deposited a dime and later raised it to twenty-five cents. When we all had kids she started accounts for her great grand-children. ((10 more accounts!) I have maintained the account for all of these years. The only time I withdrew was for an airplane ticket to come see her! Grandma Anne knew the value of a dollar and was a great saver. She was a clerk with Safeway for over 50 years. (If not 50, I'm close) When she retired, with what she saved, she traveled to Ireland, Florida, the Northeast and also took balloon rides. Back in 1980 when I was paying my way through my first 2 years of college she also managed to send me book money. For me the tie to Westerra is the tangible tie to my Grandma Anne who is gone now but taught me the value of working hard at whatever you do, saving for yourself and others, but most of all, enjoying your life.

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As a credit union, Westerra is there to help it's members and not profit off them.