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Your Passion

We are passionate about the outdoors and sharing that together with our family. We are passionate about raising our boys and training them to be men. Men who can be chivalrous, polite, strong, sympathetic, tender, vibrant citizens who stand up for what's right and possess critical thinking skills and the leadership to implement them. We also love food!

Your Story

Originally from Southern California, my wife and I have been married for 12 years. I lived in the same house until I got married when I was 24 years old. Since then, through changes in jobs, and the birth of our two sons, age 1.5 and 2.5, we've moved 13 times and lived in 4 different states. The word "home" has morphed for us in meaning. That all changed when we got to Colorado. For years my mother in-law had lived in Estes Park and we had visited every couple of years. We gradually fell in love with this great state and have wanted to move here for a long time. Well, this last January, we finally were granted job transfers out here and were thrilled to make Colorado our "home". However, upon arriving, my wife had a ruptured tubal pregnancy and found herself going from urgent care to the ER to emergency surgery just 3 days after arriving. Having just gone through a cross country move with a 1 and 2 year old and then trying to explain to them that "mommy was sick in the hospital" for 3 days and that they "couldn't jump on her when they saw her", was tough on them. Our 1 year old was still nursing multiple times a day had to be weaned right away. It was a stressful time for us all. Needless to say,the last thing I was thinking about was my credit union. However, the day before my wife went to the hospital, we had opened up an account with Westerra. I had done research on them online and they seemed fine. Well they were much better than fine! When we walked in, they handed me 2 containers of bubbles to use with our boys. I played and kept them occupied while my wife signed us up. Everybody was super helpful and they even gave us $52.80 for each of the savings accounts we opened up for our boys! Debit cards were printed for us right on the spot so that we could have them and start using them that day. With all that took place in the days to come, it was nice knowing that at least our banking/finances were all set up and in a great place. Thank you so much! The best part is that 6 months later, my wife is all healed and 2 months pregnant with our 3rd! We have truly felt welcomed and at home with Westerra and we refer people to them all the time.

How Westerra Works for You

The thing that I love most about them other than the amazing customer experience, is that there are so many ATMs to use between other branches, other credit unions and 7-11's that I can do my banking almost anywhere. I feel more in control of my money as a result.