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Member PictureElizabeth

Your Passion

My passion is traveling and photography. I love to travel any chance I get and enjoy taking pictures along the way to capture the moments. Although I have many other passions, those two are my favorite ones.

Your Story

I have been a member of Westerra Credit Union for years. I appreciate the services they have rendered unto me over the past few years. I had a choice of several banks and credit unions to choose from, but I chose Westerra because of recommendations from friends who have accounts there. Their referrals nudged me to give Westerra a try and I have stuck with them ever since.

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra works for me by being centrally located, not far from where I live. The hours are convenient and the staff is always helpful and friendly. It feels good to get a warm greeting when entering the credit union and a thank you when leaving. A lot of businesses have gotten away from saying thank you by saying have a good day, and to me it is not the same.