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My husband, Mike and I love to travel. In the past few years we have been to England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico and Hawaii. In the fall we plan to go to China on a 12 day escorted tour.

Your Story

It's been thirty-seven years. Hard to believe, but thirty-seven years ago in 1972, my husband Mike and I opened our credit union account with Denver Public Schools Credit Union (now Westerra). Our financial life continues to revolve around Westerra Credit Union. I recently wrote check number 6936 on the same share account we have had since the 1970s. Because of outstanding service and commitment to members needs, Westerra Credit Union has helped us achieve our financial goals. We look forward to many more years of membership.

How Westerra Works for You

In 2001 and 2002, retirement from teaching brought big changes to our lives. First we bought a second home in Tucson, Arizona where we spend several months each winter. Because of the convenience of online account management, ATMs , online bill paying and Credit Union Service Centers, we had to make no changes in our Westerra accounts. We have been able to get cash, cash checks, make deposits and easily take care of all our needs. Second, we have been doing a lot more traveling. We have readily gotten cash from ATMs in Europe, Mexico, and Canada.