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Your Passion

Caring for the earth and honoring our connection to the planet.

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After being members of Mile High Federal Credit Union for years, Westerra made it possible for us to purchase our 3/4 acre lot seven years ago. The little 1920 farmhouse had been vacant for two years, and the land was covered with weeds and neglect, but the soil is fertile and holds a water well, which helped us start lots of trees in these dry years. Sometimes it is challenging with the other demands of life, but we process tomatoes, corn, grapes, peppers and other foods that last through the winter. This year a nonprofit organization which is gardening with children is growing crops in our front yard! (Last year we had corn there.) Thank you Westerra!

How Westerra Works for You

From the very beginning at the credit union, there was a noticeable change from the bank. We appreciated the free checking, and the personal service received, both at the counter and on the phone. Now the ease and convenience of on-line banking is fantastic for ordinary transactions.