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Contactless Cards Available March 12!

New card designs and features are coming to Westerra! We are proud to announce the new contactless cards feature that will add an extra layer of security to your everyday card transactions.

As of March 12, 2024, Westerra systems will be live to accept Contactless Card transactions. Members who request a new instant issue debit card at the branch on or after March 12 will be provided a card with the new contactless feature.

What is Contactless? “Contactless” is a feature that allows a member to tap their card on any terminal with the “pay wave” icon. This technology is quick, secure way for a transaction to process without the need to swipe or insert your Westerra debit or credit card (though, of course, you can still do both, if you prefer).

How does it work? The identification technology called “near-field communication (NFC)” processes the transaction, connecting with the computer chip in the Westerra card that has a specific frequency antenna to communicate with the NFC-enabled terminal. The computer chip in the card then sends a one-time signal with a unique code for that specific transaction. Since these codes change each time the card is used, the chip and Tap2Pay transactions cannot be counterfeited. This is another added level of security Westerra is delighted to offer our members!

New designs are coming. Starting May 2024, all members who have a consumer or business Westerra debit and/or credit card will receive a newly designed card featuring this Contactless technology. Members will receive an email notifying them their new card is on its way. This email will include the last four digits of your current card number (card numbers will not change due to this re-issue). You can expect your cards to arrive separately with staggered delivery timeframes due to cards being issued based on expiration dates. Be sure to check out the activation information, next steps, and additional information included with your card mailer!

Verify Your Information. Now is a good time to make sure your personal information is updated. You can verify your information by logging into your Digital Banking App and clicking on My Profile > Make Edits

If you have questions or experience an issue with your card, please contact us by calling (303) 321-4209, email us at or visit your favorite branch.

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