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Westerra unveils new logo, colors

Along with the rebrand, we have implemented other beneficial changes for members.

Denver, CO — Nov. 2, 2021 – As the saying goes "Change is Good" — Westerra Credit Union members will notice significant positive changes to the credit union’s look and feel.

Following an extensive process, which included analyzing current market trends, receiving feedback from focus groups, engaging in discussions with members and staff, and conducting member and non-member surveys, Westerra has unveiled a new logo, colors and enhanced website experience. These changes are part of their ongoing transformation into a modern financial community. “We put a lot of time, effort, heart and soul into creating the new look for Westerra. We hope our members can feel how thoughtfully these changes were designed,” said Wade Paschall, Chief Marketing Officer at Westerra Credit Union. “These new elements align with the digital-first approach to how we deliver financial services to our members.” In conjunction with Westerra’s rebrand, the credit union has also implemented several other beneficial changes for their members. These changes include:

  • Elimination of all overdraft fees and non-sufficient funds fees on checking accounts. While the credit union has been waiving all fees since the pandemic began in March 2020, it has since permanently discontinued all overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees. Westerra is among the first financial institutions in the nation to make this move.

  • Open the new Everyday Money spending account in just 5 minutes. Westerra launched its Everyday Money account featuring getting paid up to two days early when you have direct deposit, cash back on purchases, fee-free overdrafts up to $200, free ATMs, no Visa® foreign transaction fees, and no hidden fees. Managing your everyday money has never been easier!

  • Making Energy Efficiency Loans affordable. With a focus on our environment, Westerra has introduced options to make renewable energy home improvements affordable for members. Ranging from $500 up to $50,000 for primary, secondary or vacation homes, an Energy Efficiency Loan can provide support for common energy efficient projects, such as solar panels or purchasing new ENERGY STAR appliances.

  • Modernizing the web experience. Members will appreciate its updated, easy-to-navigate functionality of the new website that is highly intuitive and features the new logo and colors.

  • Providing digital tools for financial awareness. Honoring their educational roots, Westerra provides a variety of digital tools to help members learn to proactively manage their accounts. The credit union was started by eight Denver teachers in 1934, and continues its focus on teaching one another to prosper.

  • Awarding Grants to schools. Westerra has provided grants of approximately $500 each to 102 schools in 2021 to provide funds for projects and programs that might not otherwise be possible.

“We’re undergoing a transformation at Westerra,” said Jay Champion, Westerra President and Chief Executive Officer. “Westerra already has a reputation for its commitment to education, top-notch service, and an excellent member experience. The changes we launch today demonstrate our commitment to our members, our community, and our environment — all through a digital-first approach to our changing world.”

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