Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

The Westerra team is here to help you evaluate whether renting or buying is best for you. With our low mortgage rates, low closing costs and a variety of mortgage programs, it’s easy to choose Westerra as your local Colorado credit union mortgage team! 

MORTGAGE PAYMENT COMPARISON - 30-Year fixed-rate loan, with a 20% down payment

INTEREST RATE 4% 4.25% 4.50%
$150,000 $716 4.102% $738 4.353% $760 4.605%
$200,000 $955 4.081% $984 4.333% $1,013 4.584%
$250,000 $1,194 4.069% $1,230 4.320% $1,267 4.571%
$300,000 $1,432 4.061% $1,476 4.312% $1,520 4.563%
$350,000 $1,671 4.055% $1,722 4.306% $1,773 4.557%
$400,000 $1,910 4.051% $1,968 4.302% $2,027 4.553%

The corresponding APR for each interest rate is provided next to the estimated monthly payment. For example, a mortgage amount of $200,000 with an estimated monthly payment of $984 and an interest rate of 4.25% would have an APR of 4.333%.

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Westerra financially supports the Colorado Homeownership Coalition, which provides mortgage assistance to individuals and families when they need an extra hand. In 2019, Westerra donated $7,640 to help people stay in their homes.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The payment amounts provided do not include homeowners insurance or property taxes which must be paid in addition to your loan payment. Your actual payment may be higher. Your loan's interest rate will depend on the specific characteristics of the loan transaction and your credit profile at the time of closing. Estimated closing costs used in the APR calculations are assumed to be paid by the borrower at closing. If the closing costs are financed, the loan, APR and payment amounts will be higher. If the down payment is less than 20%, mortgage insurance may be required and could increase the monthly payment and APR. Rates are current as of 8/18/15 and are subject to change. Equal Housing Opportunity.