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A vacation in Hawaii I had been looking forward to one for years. My family and I, along with my brother, my husband's mother and my parents planned to go to Oahu in June, 2008. But when the airline that we had our reservations through declared bankruptcy a few months prior to our trip, I was heartbroken. Since I had booked six airline tickets on my Westerra Visa credit card, I immediately called Westerra for advice. They asked that I come in and complete the appropriate paperwork and they would launch their investigation. No less than three hours later, Westerra had deposited the entire amount of the airfare into my account, so I could immediately re-book the trip.

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I doubt that banks I have dealt with in the past would have worked this fast. I have shared this story with many friends letting them know about the exceptional service I received from Westerra. I will be forever grateful to Westerra for saving our wonderful vacation!