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I enjoy all that life has to offer. To do this, travel is imperative, whether discovering unfound jewels in our United States or venturing to other countries and continents.

Your Story

I have been a credit union member for over 35 years. I remember becoming a member when I first came to Denver to join the federal government as an employee. My first experience was with Mile High Federal Credit Union, then it became Safeway Rocky Mountain Federal Credit Union and now Westerra. Since I worked in the federal building downtown, there was a branch office located on the third floor. This made it very convenient for federal workers to bank during breaks or lunch hours.

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra has offered great CD rates in a miserable economy. It is hard to find a better rate out there right now. In addition, we've restructured our home mortgage loan and got a lower rate for a shorter period of time. That's made it a great fit knowing that our house will be paid off in five years.