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To help provide higher education for each of our five grandchildren. I've started CDs at Westerra for each of them. I enjoy watching those CDs grow!

Your Story

When I was in high school in the mid 50s, I worked at the DPS administration building at 14th and Tremont. My father worked there as well, and in later years became Assistant Superintendent in charge of Building and Planning. At that time, the credit union was housed in the basement of that building, and that's where I opened a savings account and deposited my weekly paycheck. Charlie Hall was the person who took my check and added it to the account. There was a blind man down there, too, who sold snacks. I remember thinking, "How can he tell what money he's being given?" He knew, and no one ever cheated him. I've had an account at the credit union all these years now, and have felt confident and very satisfied with the friendly service and the efficient handling of my funds. When my mother died a year ago, all of her financial deposits and CDs were transferred to my sister's account and mine without a hassle. Everything was handled decently and in order. I have a money market now along with the 5 CDs for my grandchildren and have every confidence that they money is insured, protected and growing. As you can see, I've had a long history with the credit union (DPS to begin with, and now Westerra). It all started with my father and mother's investments; my sister's; my daughter's and my husband's. We appreciate the extended "family" that Westerra is to all of us.

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra provides friendly, efficient service for me whatever my financial needs are.