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Member PictureMae and Francis

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Art and antiques.

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Born in Colorado and later residing in New York, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago we appreciate the Colorado lifestyle! As a native of COLORADO it is timely to hear the name of your institution WESTERRA, reflecting our proud COLORADO heritage. We first invested in WESTERRA Credit Union in July 1999 because of confidence in your financial programs. We welcome your reports, literature and periodicals which are so easy to understand and keep current with the status of benefits. You reach out to members keeping us advised of arrangements for loans, college scholarships, etc. We believe we are the recipients of trustworthy financial services and, when telephoning your personnel, they are quick, efficient and informative. We know that our funds are safe, less vulnerable to the challenges of the stock market and the economy so we will not lose our investment. The rate of interest steadily adds to our Certificates of Deposit!! WESTERRA has become a family happening. Our son, Nevin McGregor and now our grandson, Chase Deline and other family members have beginning accounts with WESTERRA. In these unpredictable times we are re-assured of our financial security at WESTERRA! We thank you for your monetary services - expected to continue for at least another seventy five (75) years !!!!

How Westerra Works for You

Security and confidence in your programs is our motivation for our Certificate of Deposit.