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In October 2002, my husband Kevin, my little boy, and I moved from Vail to Denver, CO for a better job and cheaper living expenses. We bought a brick house in March 2003. We became a member of Westerra a month after that through our job. We didn't know what a benefit for us yet. A year later we decided to renew all the windows, a salesman from American Exterior (AE) offers us as low as $9,000 for 8 windows. We have problem to get credit, because our deed high. AE put our credit through Green Tree, the interest was 15%, that was too high. We told AE we were going to look for a lower interest. We called Wells Fargo, they were going to consolidated our two cars loan and the window loan for one 15 years loan with 12% interest. We wouldn't take that loan because we only had 18 months left to pay off the truck and 24 months left to pay off the car, and the interest rate for both loans was 6.75%. We were checking so many banks, we couldn't get any lower interest. We tried to cancel the windows, but we couldn't because we already had a contract with AE and we were running out of time. AE was going to bring us to court. Finally we went to Westerra, the only place that we almost forgot to try. We made an appointment, we explained everything, we got the loan, the interest was only 8% for the windows. We decided to refinance the 2 cars too. The interest was only 4.5% for the cars. Everything was taken care of in the same day. Right now all the loans with Westerra are already paid off. We thank you very much Westerra for all your help.