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My passion is volunteering in my community to make a difference

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I came from Jeffco Schools CU in the merger. Years ago, my mom (a Jeffco teacher)was on the board there and encouraged us to all join the CU. I did and now have a small business and my checking, savings, and business accts are all at Westerra. I love the holidays and with 5 little grandkids, I appreciate that I can do a Christmas acct to help cover the costs to have a grand holiday season each year. I take from that acct before I spend any on gifts or festivities for the family.

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I value the service at Westerra. My mother mentioned above recently passed away. Two weeks later, my debit card acct was compromised and in addition to closing her acct, I had to go get a new card and number at the Westminster office. Still grieving I headed to the office in a fog...the staff there was so kind to me as we filled out the paperwork to do both activities. I was so surprised to get her original $5 back! If the fraud division hadn't caught it, I might not have known due the distractions from my mom's passing. Thanks to Westerra for making a difficult situation a little less traumatic.