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I love my family, animals, and running!

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My mom has been a member since before the Denver Teacher's credit union merged with Westerra. I am the power of attorney for her accounts and they have always been so helpful to me. I became a member just a few years ago since I work for Jefferson County Schools. I moved all my accounts away from Wells Fargo and an account that I had since I was 16 because of all the fees that they started charging. My son is a member of a different credit union and I am able to go to many other credit unions and transfer money from my account to his very easily! He is now out in Pennsylvania and able to use many different credit unions out there that are part of the shared branch banking without having to open a new account just for the summer out there. I love it!

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I value that I can have access to my mom's account, my account, and my sons account so easily all at one location or online!