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Member PictureDaisha

Your Passion

My passions include watching our family and children play and grow every day together, playing volleyball, and teaching our teenage youth.

Your Story

My husband and I joined Westerra when we joined as one. It has been an awesome experience ever since! From planning our wedding and first home, to the birth of our two children, Westerra has been through it all with us. We were able to work out all of our financials with Westerra to make the most memorable times in our lives stress free and enjoyable. Westerra made them possible where as with another bank, we would be strapped under high interest rates to the point of having to live paycheck to paycheck. Westerra has been there for us time and again! We would not think about moving to another bank because we feel like they are a huge part of our life story.

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra is all about their members! They are friendly and kind while working with financial services which can be a sensitive topic. Their interest rates are great and quite a bit lower than the big banks. It's the little things that matter and Westerra pays attention to those little things.