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Life, fishing and seeing others achieve their visions!

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It was early 1983 and was 20 years old. I purchased my first home (cabin) in Conifer Colorado. I emptied out my pockets and counted up my change at the closing. I had scraped together $5,000 for a down payment on a one bedroom cabin in Conifer Colorado. It was paradise! I purchased the cabin for $25,000. I put down $5,000 and the owner agreed to carry the remaining $20,000 with a 5 year balloon. Five years can go by very fast. And it did! At the end of five years I needed to finance $20,000. I tried several loan institutions and banks. I received many of the same answers ending up in rejection and denial of a new loan. I was desperate. With only a few months left in my 5 year balloon, I wandered into the Jeffco Schools Credit Union (Now Westerra Credit Union) and sat down with a loan officer to discuss my dire situation and how I had poured my life and soul into this sanctuary. The loan officer heard my needs and responded. In 30 days I had a new mortgage on my little cabin in Conifer Colorado. I was able to pay off the previous owner and live out my dream! Since the purchase of that little cabin in Conifer Colorado, I have done numerous loans, lines of credit and mortgages with the Westerra Credit Union. I am very appreciative for helping me in my financial success over the last 30 years! Thank you.

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I am very grateful for a financial institution like Westerra that hears its members as individuals with needs and feelings.