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I have done business there for along time. Everyone I have delt with have been very pleasant to work with and have been very friendly.

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I have borrowed money to buy several cars. Each time it has been fast and sucessful. I even got my son and daughter to join. They used it all through college. My daughter still belongs, but my son moved out of state and it was not confident for him. My daughter worked at one of the sevice centers while going to college,too. I like that there are so many severice centers. It seems no matter were I am there is one nearby. It makes it confient to get to and do business. Besides with the goverment interfering with the banks, at least, it hasn't seemed to change the criedt union much. I hope to continue to bank at the criedt union for a long time.

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All the centers they provide and the friendliness of the people that work there.