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I am currently living in Florida and I am a military brat so I know all about credit unions since I was little, so it was not surprising that my first real job was with a credit union in California. I've been in banking since 1986 and been a member of credit unions since my military father opened up a member savings for me when I received my first birthday check. I may have tried a few times to work with a bank institution but that lasted for 6 months. Even as an employee you can tell the difference of the attitudes, compassion and real genuine concern credit unions have for it's members than from a bank. I may one day pursue my passion in becoming a full time writer instead of it being a hobby, but even if I'm not an employee of a credit union I will always be a member of one. I am happy that my accounts are with Westerra CU. I am planning on coming back to Colorado one day where most of my family are so I am looking forward to becoming more active with my accounts with Westerra CU in Colorado. Thank you for all that you are. :)

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Being a member of a wonderful institution, my Credit Union. The real genuine concern they have for us the best accounts, loans and soon a mortgage when I move back to Colorado. Thank you