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Your Passion

My passion is community and community institutions. I have worked at many non-profit institutions in the Denver over the years, including the Common Market Food Coop, the Radical Information Project Bookstore, the Denver Sustaining Fund(later renamed The Chinook Fund), and the Denver Public Schools Credit Union (later renamed Westerra). Cooperative community institutions connect people to each other and help us build stronger neighborhoods and families.

Your Story

I am a Spanish Interpreter and Translator with my own business, and I hold my personal accounts and business accounts at Westerra. When I worked as a substitute teacher at DPS I opened my accounts and began my small retirement fund. Also I continue to work as a contract interpreter with Denver Public Schools. My small retirement "nest egg" is held in accounts at Westerra.

How Westerra Works for You

I appreciate the friendliness of the Westerra staff, especially Geri the receptionist at the Alameda Ave. headquarters. You are conveniently located close to my wife's business, Spanish is Fun Language school in Glendale,so I can stop by on the way there. Most importantly, I know that your non-profit structure gives members a vote, and your governance is transparent, which I value. Yours is an institution that I trust.