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My passion will be organization and volleyball. Ive been playing volleyball since i was in 6th grade. I'm in love with volleyball. Everytime I play volleyball I get more than excited and happy. I won first place in 6th and 8th grade. Winning first place was a huge deal for me because I worked and practiced really hard for me to put all my effort on the court. Volleyball is a huge passion for me and every free time I have I play some volleyball

Your Story

As a small kid ive always been taught to never fear anything or anyone and to always challenge my self and not give up easily. Growing up, I've faced many challenges such as loosing my two grand parents in the same year to not having any family members living near my family or myself. All my family relatives live in Mexico and I only have friends here. It's a little hard for me because I wish I had my cousins here where we can share good laughs and memories. As a 17 year old going to school was very hard too. Lots of homework and quizzes that brought alot of stress to me. Even if school brings alot of stress to me, school is very very important to me. I want to go to college and continue with what i want to do which is become a vet. It will be super hard but I know I will fight the challenges and get through it by believing in myself and with the support of my family and friends. My high school Arrupe Jesuit has taught me how to show respect and how it feels to work in an actual office. CWSP (Corporate Work Study Program) is a program by my school that lets every single student at school work at an office, hospital, vet, and charities .Through this program we learn how it feels to work in the real world and how people actually work to get their money. We also learn how systems work. My freshmen year at worked at a place located downtown called Mercy Housing. There I helped out my super visor by being a receptionist, scanning, sending out criminal background checks, and filing, At first it was very challenging but with the help of the people working there and my supervisor I managed to get through the challenges. My sophomore and junior year I worked at a Mortgage Company called Megastar Financial. There I ship loans to banks(Chase, Bank of America and Comerica.) At first it was really hard but then I got use to it . Even though I'm still young life has been pretty hard and busy and there is more to come.

How Westerra Works for You

What i value most about Westerra is their customer service .When I need help I'm always assisted with great customer service and the people are always willing to help.