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Member PictureKarina

Your Passion

My passion is collecting toys. I mostly love to collect, littlest pet shop. (Lps for short). Lps are little animal bobble heads. They have so many different animals. Westerra helps me buy toys with their amazing debit cards for kids. It makes me so happy when i get to use my debit card to buy all the stuff that I want.

Your Story

A year ago my Dad let me set up an account with Westerra. Westerra makes it so easy to create an account. The lady that helped me make an account made it so easy I don't even have to think. They help you understand how to use your account and use your card. Ever since I got my debit card it has been so easy to buy things with my debit card

How Westerra Works for You

I value most the kindness of the people that work at Westerra. They help you out when you do not understand something. I think Westerra is one amazing banking institution and I'm glad they came up with such an amazing bank.