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Member PictureJudy

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My passion is enjoying my three grandchildren and being the best Mimi by taking them on field trips, having sleepovers, baking, making spaghetti, and giving lots of back tickles.

Your Story

More and more lately, as I listen to the news about what credit card companies are doing to their customers by arbitrarily raising interest rates, changing credit limits, and cancelling accounts, etc., it makes me appreciate how Westerra CU treats us with respect by not subscribing to these practices. I can trust that my agreements with the credit union will be honored.

How Westerra Works for You

Westerra CU makes my life easier by being easy to use. Whether I need a loan, or want to buy a CD, it's always fast and easy without any drama. Dealing with money matters can be stressful, but Westerra staff makes it painless!