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Your Passion

My Passion is learning and becoming a better person. Whatever I do, whether it be my profession or talking to the person helping me at the grocery store, I want to learn to be the best person that I can be. Challenges are constantly being thrown our way a

Your Story

I grew up with a father who was very ethical and at the same time very critical. Throughout my life I have noticed that I picked up some of his bad habits along with some of his good habits. My challenge has been to adhere to those good qualities and to slowly shed those qualities I would rather not have as an expression of me. Every day is a new opportunity to become a better me.

How Westerra Works for You

I have my truck loan with Westerra and recently refinanced to a lower interest rate with a shorter term. Fortunately, this cost me next to nothing to do. I am trying to get out of debt and not pay as much interest and this refinance was a perfect way to contribute to my financial goals. Thank you Westerra!