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5 Advantages of Westerra Credit Union Credit Cards

Learn about the advantages of opening a credit card with Westerra Credit Union. Enjoy low interest rates, rewards, and more!

5 Advantages of Westerra Credit Union Credit Cards

Looking for a credit card that puts your needs first? Westerra Credit Union offers credit cards packed with perks that benefit you. Our credit cards offer rewards, lower interest rate, flexible debt management tools, and robust security. Ditch the stress of credit card shopping and unlock your financial potential with Westerra. Discover how Westerra’s credit cards empower you to take control of your finances and reach your financial goals with confidence.

Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

Westerra Credit Union's credit cards are designed to put your finances first with lower interest rates. By offering low interest rates, even when you carry a balance, you're taking control of your finances and making every dollar count. Plus, when you choose Westerra, you're joining a member-focused credit union that consistently offers better rates than traditional banks. That means you're not only saving money, but you're also joining a community that cares about your financial well-being. We offer debt payment calculators so you can calculate your potential payoff time before you make a purchase. Westerra's credit cards are the perfect way to combine cost-effectiveness with the support of a financial community that's always there for you.

No Balance Transfer Fees + LOW Balance Transfer Interest Rates for the First 12 Months

Another advantage of opening a credit card with Westerra is our credit cards have no balance transfer fees and low balance transfer interest rates for the first 12 months. This is a game-changer for people seeking a responsible way to consolidate and manage their debt. By waiving balance transfer fees, our credit cards let you consolidate debt from high-interest cards without adding additional costs, making debt management a breeze. Plus, we offer low balance transfer interest rates between 1.9% and 3.90% during the first 12 months, so you can make strides in paying down your credit card balances and work toward becoming debt free, improving your overall credit score, and leading the way for more financial opportunities in the future.

Earn Rewards and Bonus Reward Points

Westerra Credit Union credit cards also offer rewards! We make earning rewards as easy as possible. Just swipe your Visa Signature® card for everyday purchases and watch your reward points grow — that's an unlimited 1.25 points for every dollar you spend. Our Visa Signature® also offers a bonus reward of 25,000 bonus points if you spend $3000 in the first 3 months! Plus, earn more bonus points with our signature, platinum, business rewards, and travel rewards bonuses. Westerra’s credit cards make your spending work for you - it's like getting paid back for all the things you already buy. Plus, you choose how you spend your points. Use points for cash back, travel, gift cards, charitable donations, and more.

Credit Card Fraud Protection and Consumer Protections

At Westerra credit, fraud prevention is always top of mind. We got your back (and your wallet)! We offer a variety of fraud and consumer protections. You'll get instant alerts for suspicious activity, so you can stop any suspicious charges before they get out of control. Plus, Westerra's Visa 911 protection adds an extra layer of security with emergency assistance if you're ever stuck abroad. If the worst happens like a stolen wallet, Visa 911 can help get you emergency cash so you can get home safely. We also offer travel insurance and rental car insurance, so you can explore the world or your own backyard with peace of mind knowing your trip is covered. No matter where your adventures take you, swipe with confidence — Westerra's got your financial peace of mind covered.

No annual fee + Low fees

Say goodbye to annual fees! Westerra Credit Union's credit cards have no annual fees, so you keep your hard-earned cash where it belongs — in your wallet. We also keep our fees low, so you have peace of mind that you won't be Nickle and Dimed every time you swipe. It's like having a financial cheerleader, always looking out for your best interests. So, if you're tired of credit card fees, give Westerra’s credit cards a try. It's a breath of fresh air for your wallet and your wallet will thank you!

New designs are coming.

Our newly designed business debit and/or credit cards will feature Contactless technology. Members will receive an email notifying them their new card is on its way. This email will include the last four digits of your current card number (card numbers will not change due to this re-issue). You can expect your cards to arrive separately with staggered delivery timeframes due to cards being issued based on expiration dates. Be sure to check out the activation information, next steps, and additional information included with your card mailer!

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