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Balance-transfer card: a tool for overcoming holiday debt

Consolidating your holiday spending has been made easy with our Westerra Credit Union Visa Signature or Visa Select credit cards with low introductory interest rate upon approval.

If you’ve gone from holly jolly to finance folly, it’s time to consolidate your holiday spending by applying for a Westerra Credit Union Visa Signature or Visa Select credit card. Upon credit approval, you can take advantage of our low introductory interest rate by transferring higher-rate credit card debt to your new Westerra Visa Signature or Visa Select credit card, all with no balance-transfer fee. In the end, this means one easy payment with a low interest rate. Win-win!

Next, strategize your payments. Use a credit card payoff calculator to start crunching numbers—you’ll want to pay off the debt on your new Westerra credit card before the regular interest rate kicks in after 12 months*. So, determine the amount of money you can afford to put toward your debt, and multiply it by 12. That’s the amount you should transfer.

Even after you’ve transferred all your debts off your old, higher-rate credit card, don’t close that account. Having that credit available to you helps your utilization rate stay low—which could help your credit score go up!

Start tackling holiday debt with no balance-transfer fee and a lower introductory rate for your first 12 months with your Westerra Credit Union credit card.

Redeem your Westerra card rewards for cashback, travel, fuel, and more: Learn how to earn great card rewards.

Don’t forget: You can pay on the go by adding your card to your digital wallet.

Dreaming of a debt-free December 2024? Start a savings plan for the next holiday season.

Apply for your lower-rate credit card

* Introductory balance transfer rate is valid for 12 billing cycles from account origination on balances transferred to a Visa Signature® or Visa® Select card from other financial institutions.

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