Transfer Money

Transfer Money To and From Other Financial Institutions

Transfer money between your Westerra account and accounts at other financial institutions. Move money anywhere you need, anytime you want! With External Transfer you can move money from other financial institutions into your Westerra account or deposit money into an account at another financial institution. You can also set up automatic transfers and transfer between multiple accounts.

With External Transfer you can:

  • Move money from other financial institutions into your Westerra account or deposit money into an account at another financial institution.
  • Make loan payments (excluding credit card and mortgage payments).
  • Set up automatic transfers to save time (standard and next-day delivery are available).
  • Transfer between multiple accounts.

How to Begin Using External Transfers:

  • Log in to Westerra Online Banking, click on the External Transfer link located on the Transfer tab. The link is also located in the details of a savings or checking account under More Actions.
  • You will need to validate your email address. 
  • To start the transfer process you will need to Add an Account.
  • Fill in the appropriate fields including an Account Nickname, Account Type, Routing Number and the Account Number. PLEASE NOTE: The system will not recognize the Westerra Credit Union Routing Number. Please use the Online Banking transfer option for Westerra accounts.
  • You will have two options to verify the external account. The first option is to verify instantly. This option will allow you to proceed with creating a transfer. If this option is not available the system will need to verify this account by depositing two small test transactions and one test withdrawal to confirm your ownership of the account(s). This can take up to 2 business days. You will then see a screen that will let you know when you can verify the account.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from stating the payment account that was added needs to be confirmed.
  • Once the test transactions have been posted to the other financial institution account, you will need to verify the transactions within External Transfer.
  • You can verify the account by clicking Yes.
  • You will then enter the test deposit amounts and click Verify Account.
  • To set up a transfer, you will then designate the From account and the To account, the Amount, the Transfer Date and whether the transfer is a one-time transfer or a repeating transfer.
  • The Review Transfer screen will give you a summary of the transfer including the withdrawal date and expected deposit date. If the information is correct, click on the Make Confirm button. Otherwise, edit your transfer or click Cancel.
  • The Transfer Confirmed screen will display and the transfer will be processed.
  • You may view the Pending Transfers and Recent Transfers by clicking on the See my Activity box.