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How to earn Debit and Credit Card Reward Points

Learn how to max out debit & credit card points, including smart strategies, tracking tips, & common traps to avoid. Become a rewards pro with Westerra!

H1: How to Earn Reward Points with Westerra’s Debit and Credit Cards

Dreaming of vacations fueled by free flights and splurges covered by your debit and credit card rewards? You can make it happen with Westerra’s point earning debit and credit cards. We’re here to help you navigate how to maximize your point earning potential by outlining exactly how our debit and credit card points work, give you strategies to maximize your point earnings, show you how to track your points, and covering common mistakes to avoid.

H2: How do Westerra’s Debit and Credit Card Reward Points Work?

We offer a variety of reward earning cards and each card earns rewards a little differently. Our reward earning cards are personal Visa® debit card, personal Visa Signature® credit card, and their business counterparts the business Visa® debit card, and Business VISA® REWARDS credit card. Every card purchase earns you valuable points at a rate specific to your card type. Our personal Visa® debit card scores you 1 point for every $3 spent when you sign for your purchase, while the personal Visa Signature® credit card unlocks a generous 1.25 points per dollar spent. If you are a business owner our business debit earns 1 point for every $3 you spend when you sign for the purchase and our Business VISA® REWARDS credit card racks up 2 points for every dollar spent! With Westerra, rewards become an effortless perk, woven into your everyday spending.

H2: Strategies to Maximize Your Debit and Credit Card Point Earnings

Ready to maximize your debit and credit card point earnings? The best way to earn the most points is to head over to the Westerra rewards site . Our reward site keeps you up to date on limited-time offers that supercharge your card point earnings – think double points on groceries one week, bonus points on gas purchases the next. You can also check out our "Become a Points Pro" blog for quick point earning tips, and even uncover strategic card switching techniques to squeeze every point possible out of your spending. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to Westerra rewards, a few savvy insights can unlock extra points (and who doesn't love that feeling?).

H2: Keeping Track of Your Points

Keeping track of your points and redemptions is easy. We offer two portals to check in on your point earnings! The first is Westerra's Online Banking portal. Get a quick overview of your point balance, and recent activity or for a more in-depth treasure hunt, visit the dedicated Dream Rewards site (separate login required). In the Dream Rewards site, you can take a dive deep into your point growth, explore exciting redemption options, and find the latest bonus point offers.

H2: Avoid These Common Point Earning Mistakes

Don't let your point-earning spree turn into a fumble! Before you start earning reward points, remember these two common mistakes:

Using Your PIN: Skip the PIN, embrace the signature! While putting in your PIN might seem quicker, PIN transactions won't earn you points. So, break the habit and embrace signing for your purchases.

Letting Your Points Expire: Points are precious, so don't let them vanish! Points have a 3-year lifespan after being issued. To avoid losing them to the reward graveyard, set calendar reminders or track your point balance regularly. Better yet actively redeem your points for exciting rewards.

By steering clear of these common mistakes, you'll ensure your point-earning journey is smooth sailing!

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